International Education & Fun Camps are the programs held in different cities and sites in Turkey, offered by Anatolia Education. As Anatolia Education, we have been organizing various activities for teachers and students all around the world in different European cities since 2015. With these International Education & Fun Camps, we offer various activities, theme-based learning environments, peer learning, a chance to develop 21st century skills including developing communication and social skills in an international environment, digital skills using various tools to present their experiences, green skills while implementing activities in Nature and creative thinking as well.
Our activities take place in some of the most beautiful villages and towns of Turkey depending on the theme chosen and the age group of the participants. Whichever theme and venue you choose, our professional and dedicated team will meet you at the airport and will be with you during your stay to make your camp duration unforgettable.

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An educational camp is a stay for young teenagers, the main objective is to share time with activities and collective life around an educational theme developed by us.
There are lots of benefits such as self-building, self-fulfillment, multiple learning.
A camp creates indelible memories.

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