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The Maker Movement is a movement that is rapidly spreading in the world, consisting of the combination of technology and “do it yourself” culture.

If a person calls himself a maker within the scope of the Maker Movement, that person is a maker.

Every product, ornament, jewelry, toy, printed and produced with 3D printers, from cooking to model airplanes, from a model vehicle made through electronic circuits and engines, can be considered as made with the spirit of the maker within the scope of the maker movement.

According to the definition of Dale Dougherty, one of the pioneers of the Maker Movement, on the basis of the “Maker spirit”;

  • sharing instead of competition,
  • talent instead of money,
  • there is experience rather than extensive rote knowledge.

During that one or two-week camp period “Being a Maker Camp” period, the youngsters improve their creative thinking skills, share ideas and experience team work, group work and learning by doing.

Trip Infos

  • 07 to 16 years old
  • 03-16 July 2023

Cost Includes

  • Accommodation
  • 3 Meals/ day
  • Aeroport transfert

Cost Excludes

  • Pictures print
  • Budget for free time

Muğla / Fethiye

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